Articles from previous issues of Foundation Quarter Horses Magazine

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Leading Competition Sires - Are They Foundation?   (December 2002)


Harlan (December 2002)

Breeding and Conformation by Murray E Fowles, DVM   (December 2002)

Help For Domestic Hoof Problems  (December 2002)

King's Pistol Advertisement: Page From The Past:   (December 2002)

Calculating Your Horse's Foundation Percentage  (December 2002)

Fourble Joe Advertisement: Page From The Past (December 2002)

Breeding For The GRULLA Color   (December 2002)


Weigh Your Horses by Theresa Ann Warden (October 2002)

BUCKSKIN - Breeding For Color  (October 2002)

Surviving A Down Market by Theresa Ann Warden (January 2001)

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